Updates of Caitlin and Stuff


The picture tells the story. That is Caitlin sitting up straight and unassisted 2 1/2 months after her spinal fusion surgery. 🙂

$300,000 or so worth of medical procedures have done what they were supposed to do. Caitlin can sit again without discomfort, tipping, or organ compression. (Insurance has covered everything.)

Last week was supposed to be her return to school, but we had some rough days and nights of Cait being manic, not sleeping, and throwing up. Thankfully she was better by Sunday.

This week Caitlin managed to make it to school Monday to Tuesday. She also had great days! We received only happy notes about Caitlin smiling, giggling, and interacting with her friends.

This has been an extremely rough few months for all of us. We couldn’t have managed it without all of the help and support from our friends. Thank you all for everything. ❤


Now that things are getting back to normal for Lynne & me, we’re starting to plan for the future. We did our first SF Squeecast together, and it was a blast. We love our partnership. We really make the other one better, and last year was extremely successful for us as editors. It’s wonderful to see so many stories, essays, and poems we worked on together (and with others) get award recognition, Locus recommendations, and reprinted in year’s best anthologies.

It’s time to start the next thing. 🙂

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