My 2014 Convention Schedule

Now that things are returning to normal, I thought it would be a good idea to post my convention schedule for 2014. I’m an OFFICIAL GUEST at TWO conventions this year as part of the SF Squeecast, Phoenix Comicon and Windycon! 🙂

We are sadly missing Wiscon this year. As you can see, Lynne and I are guests at Phoenix Comicon the next weekend. Now that we have to take Caitlin with us to conventions, we decided that two weekends in a row would be too much for her to tolerate. It would also be extremely hard on Lynne and me.

We might be at C2E2, but that hasn’t been decided yet.


Minicon, April 18-20, Bloomington, MN

Joss Whedon: A Celebration, May 3, DePaul University, College of Communication, Chicago, IL

Phoenix Comicon (Guest with the SF Squeecast), June 5-8, Phoenix, AZ

CONvergence, July 3-6, Bloomington, MN

Loncon (Worldcon), August 14-18, London, UK

Windycon (Social Media Guest of Honor with the SF Squeecast), November 14-16, Lombard, IL

Chicago TARDIS, November 28-30, Lombard, IL

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