8 Days Until Caitlin’s Surgey

We are starting to get a little stressed out.

We have 8 days until Caitlin’s spinal fusion surgery. So far, all of the pre-op doctors’ visits have been okay. The pulmonologist cleared Caitlin for surgery. (Yay healthy lungs!) We have one more appointment with the pediatrician on Wednesday, and then her final blood work on Monday.

The only weirdness was the SURPRISE ER visit last week after Caitlin and her entire elementary school were exposed to a gas leak from the landfill next door. It was an extremely scary day, and there are still many unanswered questions about what the kids were exposed to, how it happened, and how the school responded after assurances in 2010 that they had an emergency plan for such things. (Here are the newspaper articles.) At the hospital, it was determined that Caitlin and the kids had been exposed to low levels of carbon monoxide, but the levels in her blood were still in the safe range. She HATED the oxygen mask.


In other news, a colleague/friend of Lynne’s held a fundraiser with her Girl Scout troop at a pizza place for Caitlin. It was quite wonderful. They wanted to do something for Caitlin before her surgery, and decided that the best thing they could do was get Caitlin her first iPad. It was a smashing success.

We really couldn’t do all of this without our family and friends. ❤

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