Southeast Wisconsin Festival of Books Schedule!

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So, the Thomases will be at the Southeast Wisconsin Festival of Books this weekend.

Here’s where to find us. All of our panels are in the same room,Northview 130:

You can see the full Program for the festival online.


1:30 PM  Glitter & Mayhem / Crowdfunding (Michael Damian Thomas, Lynne M. Thomas, Matt Forbeck, John Klima)

3:00 PM Short Fiction Panel Science Fiction (Gary Kloster, Aaron Schutz, Lynne M. Thomas and Patrick S. Tomlinson)

4:30 PM Jane Austen/Science Fiction Fantasy (Mary Robinette Kowal and Lynne M. Thomas)

5:30 PM Lynne Signing


Noon: Science Fiction Archives (Bill Fliss, Lynne M. Thomas and Max Yela)

1:30 PM Lynne Signing

3:00 PM Michael Signing

The festival has free admission and free parking. :-)

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