Editing News and Notes

Apex Magazine

All of you have probably seen the big announcements. I am stepping down as Managing Editor of Apex Magazineafter the December issue as Lynne steps down as Editor-in-Chief. My Queers Dig Time Lords co-editor Sigrid Ellis will be the next Editor-in-Chief.

This was an extremely hard decision for me, but Lynne and I needed to leave together. There are future editorial plans that are being developed as we speak. You will be pleased.

The Hugo Awards

Apex Magazine lost, but I get to hold Lynne’s SF Squeecast Hugo and pretend.

I am very happy for Clarkesworld. It was an AMAZING list of nominees.

Did I mention Apex Magazine is still eligible in Best Semiprozine next year? 😉

Glitter & Mayhem

So many links!!!

Photos from our FABULOUS launch party!


Introduction by Amber Benson 

Sister Twelve: Confessions of a Party Monster by Christopher Barzak

A Hollow Play by Amal El-Mohtar

Guest blogs!

My Favorite Bit

Wag the Fox

Dark Cargo

Apex Publications 


Locus’s Lois Tilton (Karen Burnham and Rich Horton have reviewed it in the August & September issues.)

Beauty in Ruins

Vicky Thinks

Short Story Reviews

Midnyte Reader

ForeWord Reviews

Horrible Book Reviews

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